Digital Humanities Teaching Resources

I have been teaching digital humanities and digital methods for the past seven years to undergraduates, postgraduates, PhD students, academics and the GLAM sector.

I have created a range of resources to support this teaching and these are shared below. If they are useful or you find ways to reuse them please let me know and give credit where possible.

You can read about my collaborative teaching with the GLAM sectir over on this page.

I have run workshops on a range of methods for different groups of people and I am happy to discuss running them in person or via zoom, see my contact page for details.

Digital Humanities Project List – an evolving list of digital projects based around academic research projects, not intended to be exhaustive but to help students (and anyone) get started looking at examples.

Digital Art History bibliography – starting point for finding research, resources and online editions focused on digital art history.

Research Guide for Digital Humanities – this was written for an independent research project course at the ANU but is intended as a useful starting point for Honours and postgrad students trying to get their first digital humaniteis research project off the ground. It covers things like how to write a good research question, where to find DH literature, and, how to work out what method/methodology to use.

MethoDHology – I built this website with my colleagues Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller and Bernardo Pereira Nunes. On it we offer short introductions to DH methods, debates and topics. Our students have also contributed blogs and lessons.

Talks, Workshops and Lectures on DH Teaching and Pedagogy

‘DH & Pedagogy’ conversation panel with Dr Erin McCarthy and Prof Simon Burrows, Sep 2021, for the ACHRC (Australian Consortium of Humanities Researchers and Centres).

Talk on MetoDHology for the Federation University eResearch Advisory Committee, May 2021.

‘Digital Humanities and GLAM – Teaching, Research, and Collaboration’, with Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller, National Museum of Australia, November 2020.

‘Presenting Metodhology – an open platform to support cross-disciplinary digital research methodologies’, ARDC Australian eResearch & Data Skills Summit 2020, national online conference, October 2020.

 ‘MetoDHology Platform’, FAVer (Federation for the Advancement of Victorian eResearch), October 2020.

Workshop for University of Cambridge Art History department on photogrammetry and 3D modelling, 2020.

Lecture on Digital Humanities teaching for National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan, November 2019.

‘Collaborating in GLAM: Research-led teaching with galleries, libraries, archives, and museums’, with Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller, NTU-ANU symposium, Singapore, November 2019.

‘What to do when your data isn’t data (yet)?’, Lightning talk for Big Data in the Humanities Symposium, Canberra, October 2019.

Workshop on digital mapping for the University of Melbourne Digital Studio, September 2019

Workshop on photogrammetry for Classics and Archaeology, La Trobe University, September 2019.

Photogrammetry workshop for National Museum of Australia staff, ANU August 2019

Photogrammetry workshop for National Museum of Australia staff  (digital team), ANU, ANU August 2019

‘Digital Mapping with cultural collections’, VALA TechCamp, Melbourne April 2019.

Workshop on Digital Publishing, ANU, April 2019.

Panel discussion on Digital Humanities and Public Outreach, ‘Object Lessons: Australian Journey – The Story of a Nation in Twelve Objects’, Australian Historical Association, ANU, July 2018.